Power Update – Central Campus OK

The following message was sent to the Wesleyan community this morning.

Dear Friends,

At 10:00 pm last night we were able to restore power to the central core of the Wesleyan campus, including most classrooms and the residence halls. However, the program houses, wood-frame houses, and the Freeman Athletic Center still have no power, and it is unclear when they will be brought back on line.  We are in regular communication with CL&P, and, as you would expect, are making a strong case that power be restored to these facilities as quickly as possible.

The Usdan University Center is up and running, and we will be serving a hot brunch from 10- 2. Regular dinner service will resume this evening.

This morning we are evaluating all our facilities and will communicate again before noon today about the resumption of classes. We are hopeful that things will be back on track for Homecoming/Family Weekend, and we will send a communication in that regard before tomorrow (Wednesday) evening.

I am very grateful for the hard work of our staff during this difficult period. Many have worked extraordinarily long hours to get us back on track, even as their own homes were without power. I also want to thank the Wesleyan students and their families for their patience, good cheer and messages of support.

3 thoughts on “Power Update – Central Campus OK”

  1. Just wondering whether some provision will be made for program house/wood frame residents if classes resume before they have power restored. My daughter, a wood frame resident, is staying with friends in NY; she doesn’t want to miss any classes but can’t really return until there is power in her house.

  2. Thanks to the Wesleyan staff and administration (and students) for their efforts in dealing with (and continuing to deal with) a very difficult situation..

  3. Hopefully, Wesleyan will still have the Homecoming weekend, even if it cannot be the whole event. Many of us are traveling from afar and for the last Homecoming as a parent and have flights and hotel rooms locked in. We have been looking forward to this weekend and feel it would be good for the students and parents to connect after their “adventurous” week. Thank you to all, for your efforts on campus (Admin, Public Safety, Maintenance, and especially Pres Roth for when I knew he was back on campus I could rest easy!!) I always felt comfortable for the past 4 years knowing that the Wesleyan community (Students, Admin and Parents) were always there looking out for the young adults on campus. Thank you to all the local parents who always have open arms for other students when there are issues on campus.

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