I plan to write a few times a month to share my reflections on what I am learning as I do what I love here at Wesleyan. I invite your comments!


Michael S. Roth

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  1. You were great last night at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles! We had heard you speak before at a Parents’ Weekend event, and we were looking forward to hearing you extol the virtues of Wesleyan.

    Our daughter, Rebecca, was in your film class last year and loved it. Currently, she lives in San Francisco and is working on an HIV/AIDS project throught the UCSF Medical School Outreach Program.

    We spoke with Meg Zocco and will be pleased to make a contribution to Wes.

    Happy Holidays,

    Jean and Michael Gitlin

  2. Dear Dr. Roth,

    Thanks for blogging on the 100th Anniversary of Freud’s visit to America for the Huffington Post. I would like to include your post on the Tampa Bay Psychoanalytic Society’s blog at tbips.blogspot.com.


    Kim Vaz

  3. Hi, Michael, I have recently read your “culture war theme” article on IHE (May 31, 2022). I feel thanksfully and agreed with your toughts and feel a lot of relief, because my persistent sensation of a deterioration of the whole social scene on free debate or dialog or –instead, as you express– the free exploration on diverse point of view. That feel, you know, could be so stiffling. So your open and categorical realization and statement about the issue made me ––sorry if sounds so emotional–– “part of this world, again”. Thanks for reading!!
    Juan Fernando Franco, old Coursera student from your “Modern and Postmodern Arts” course.

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