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Monthly Archive for February, 2012

Wesleyan Wrestling Champions!

Congratulations to Coach Drew Black and his mighty men for winning the New England Wrestling Association Championship. The victory was a true team effort, with Kyle Roosa ’13, Jefferson Ajayi ’13, and Luke Erickson ’12 taking divisional crowns. It was a real nail-biter, as the Red and Black seized the title by the narrowest of […]

Why We Value Diversity

This week the Supreme Court voted to hear a challenge to the ability of colleges and universities to shape the racial and ethnic demographics of their student bodies. Currently, schools are allowed to use race as a factor among many others in achieving diversity for educational reasons. When the Court hears Fisher vs. the University […]

Creativity and the Curriculum

For the last four years or so, we have been making a great effort to emphasize some of Wesleyan’s traditional strengths. For example, Wes students are known as having intense political concerns, and we have tried to find ways of making the curriculum more responsive to those interests. The Civic Engagement Certificate and many of […]

This afternoon and through the weekend, our swimmers will be competing here in Middletown at the NESCAC championships. Cara Colker-Eybel ’13 and Alexa Burzinski ’15 are having a great season on a strong squad. Our track and field athletes are in Massachusetts for the Division III tournament. All-American Tommie Lark ’12 has been jumping his way […]

Even in this mild winter, on Valentine’s Day with spring break still weeks away, I start thinking of summer. I know that the drop/add period just recently ended at Wesleyan, but it’s not too early to start thinking of the cool classes one can take at Wes and still have two credits completed before July […]

This past weekend a stellar group of Wesleyan alumni gathered in New York to celebrate Gilbert Parker,who graduated in 1948 and has gone on to a distinguished career in theater. They were also celebrating the creation of a scholarship in Gilbert’s honor.  Tommy Kail ’99 and Claire Labine (Gilbert’s former client, creator/head writer of “Ryan’s […]

I’ve recently had a series of talks with education officials, journalists and families about liberal arts education. There are international dimensions to these conversations that are exceptionally interesting to me, and I want to return to those in some future blog postings. Some of these discussions have concentrated on contrasts between a broad liberal arts […]

Go Positive!

It’s been more than a little depressing to listen to debate performances over the last couple of months, in which candidates seem to gain in popularity by refining a formula of indignation and hostility. “How dare you,” says the candidate, puffing out his chest, wondering how any questioner could sink so low to ask about […]