The Workshop Opens

A group of very enterprising students, Isaac Schneider ’16 and Rachel Day ’16 among them, approached me about a year ago about developing a space on campus in which students could design and build projects, plan organizations, and, most generally, make things that advanced their ideas, actions….their education. I pointed out that we created the Digital Design Studio just a few years ago for just this purpose, and that it was currently reaching many students and launching several projects.

Yes, exactly, they said. That’s why we need more spaces—and student-run spaces among them.

With the great cooperation of our Physical Plant and Student Life Staff, and with the input from lots of students, we have now opened The Workshop in the basement of Hewitt 8. I very much look forward to seeing the creative work that comes out of this space, and I look forward to finding more ways to empower students to make things that matter to them and to others beyond the university.





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  1. Yes!! This is Why!!! We are so proud of Rachel and Isaac and their crew. Thank you President Roth and Dean Whaley for opening your minds (and checkbook) to this worthwhile project. I am so happy and proud Rachel has been able to immerse herself at Wes to explore, nurture and develop her passions. Yay – The Workshop!

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