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Today I received the following email from Ben Michaels, station manager at WESU radio. I’m passing it on, hoping you will join me in supporting the station.

Help preserve the legacy of WESU with a donation today!

As we approach the home stretch, the flow of incoming pledges has diminished to a trickle and we need your help to achieve our goal.  This has been a challenging pledge drive and we know there are many organizations that are likely asking for your support.  Know that your gift is essential to sustain free form community programming and our diverse offering of public affairs. Your donation also helps to ensure WESU will remain common ground for students and community volunteers to work together in service of communities that stretch far beyond the footprint of Wesleyan University.If you’ve been holding out on making your contribution, now is the time to take action. For nearly 80 years WESU has offered discerning listeners music and ideas outside of the main stream. WESU is a place where listeners expect to hear new music and challenging concepts from a variety of perspectives.  Help us wrap up this fiscal year and protect this important legacy with a donation today! 

PS-If you’ve already made a contribution, please consider reaching out to a friend on behalf of WESU. Perhaps who you know someone else who also values WESU, that can help us bring our spring pledge drive to a close.

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