Susan Lourie, Teaching, Dancing!

Susan Lourie

How do you honor a great teacher? You show you’ve learned from her example—her pedagogy, her practice, her generosity. How do you honor a great dance teacher? You begin to move and to show what you’ve absorbed and processed from her pedagogy, practice, and generosity. That’s what the Dance Department is doing NEXT weekend, APRIL 7th,  in honoring Susan Lourie. Here’s the announcement:

The Dance Department honors Susan Lourie‘s 40 years of teaching at Wesleyan with this tribute performance featuring invited alumni, guests, and current faculty and students.

Wesleyan alumni that will be performing or showing videodances include Wendy Blum ’87, Molly Rabinowitz ’87, Kim Sargent-Wishart ’87, Jessica Roseman ’90, Jody Sperling ’92, SheenRu Yong ’02, Intisar Abioto ’08, Nik Owens ’12, Stellar Levy ’15, Miranda Orbach’15, Nora Thompson ’15, Eury German ’16, and Nick Daley ’17.

This performance will be preceded from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. by informal movement-based activities and performance by alumni along with Susan Lourie in the Bessie Schönberg Dance Studio, located at 247 Pine Street in Middletown. Admission to the afternoon event is free and open to the public.

The ticketed evening performance will be followed by a reception with alumni and colleagues honoring Susan Lourie with their remarks.