Earning LEED Platinum for 41 Wyllys

One of the significant changes to campus over the last few years was moving the Career Center, the College of Letters and the Art History Department to what had been the old Squash building. This McKim, Mead and White building had been empty for years, and for a while there was talk of using the space for a museum. Instead, we decided to move some crucial academic and career functions there, and under the leadership of John Meerts, Joyce Topshe and Alan Rubacha, we were able to design and build a strong addition to the core of campus. Yesterday I learned that this historic-modern structure earned a rare LEED “platinum” status as an environmentally sound building. So many dedicated people worked on the building that I’m just going to reproduce Alan’s email here:

It  is with ebullient satisfaction that I am confirming that 41 Wyllys Avenue has been awarded the highest possible USGBC LEED rating of Platinum.  Wesleyan’s 41 Wyllys Avenue building is now among the most elite recognized projects in the country.
Please help me recognize my extraordinary team.  Certainly John Meerts must be recognized for leading the entire process and pushing us all to be our best along with our entire building committee.  Newman Architects led by Joe Schiffer, Dave Rodrigues and Jim Elmasry, helped spearhead the entire effort; they combined awesome architecture with sustainability.  Van Zelm, led by Dave Madigan and Bev Cleaveland, provided the electrical, mechanical and lighting systems design to make us as efficient as possible.  FIP Construction, led by Bill Hardy, Dan Burns and Mark Culligan, waded patiently and tirelessly through mountains of paperwork to provide all of the subcontractor management and required supporting documentation.
We really need to recognize Newman’s LEED consultant Michele Helou.  She guided us all through this extraordinary process.  Michele demonstrated not only an incredible knowledge of the LEED process but of construction; and she did this all patiently while we struggled to keep up with her. Marvelous job Michele! I can’t say enough about you.  Michele was supported by an excellent energy modeler, Maria Karpman.
I look forward to having the pleasure of installing our LEED Platinum plaque in this truly incredible building.     — Alan Rubacha

Congratulations to everyone who worked on this great addition to our increasingly sustainable campus!