It’s Cold! Think of Summer (Fast)!!!

The calendar says it’s spring, but it’s been cold and windy in Middletown. Best to turn thoughts to summer and the great offerings in the Wesleyan Summer session. Online registration for summer session classes closes at the end of the day on Tuesday, March 26th. You can sign up for courses in animal behavior or applied data analysis, computer programming or the graphic novel. It’s a great time to catch up on a course you’ve always wanted to take, or to finish a requirement for your major. Whether it’s drawing or economics, summer is a great time to study at Wesleyan.

Some students will use the summer to accumulate credits so as to be able to graduate a year early. There is, of course, considerable tuition savings in doing so. As we say on the webpage devoted to this option: “The three-year option is not for everyone, but for those students who are able to declare their majors early, earn credit during Wesleyan summer sessions, and take advantage of the wealth of opportunities on campus, this more economical path to graduation can be of genuine interest. A maximum of two pre-matriculant credits (such as Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, or college credits earned during high school) may be applied toward an accelerated program. Students pursuing the three-year option will be held to all the graduation requirements for the Wesleyan bachelor of arts degree. Students considering this option should consult during their first year with Dean David Phillips to review policies and procedures.”

So whether you are considering early graduation, or just want to spend part of your summer in small classes studying things that interest you, check out the Summer Session. If you don’t register online by March 26th, you can still fill out forms to register later. But isn’t it nice to think of summer in this chilly spring…