Hurricane Matthew

We are watching news reports from the Caribbean with deep concern. The images from Haiti and other areas in the region are heart rending. We are reaching out to our students from the affected areas to see what we can do to be helpful. Thankfully, our students studying in the Caribbean are okay, but we remain concerned about the impact on students and families from that region and from Southeastern U.S. coastal areas. If you would like support or have questions, please contact the Dean of Students Office.

If you want to find ways to be helpful, you might look at the work Partners in Health is doing. You might also check out what Professor Gina Athena Ulysse has been writing on Haiti.

As always, let’s reach out and check in with one another.

As of now, we are monitoring weather forecasts for Middletown, and we will keep folks informed if we think the storm will have an impact here.