Winter Wesleyan

The break between semesters starts to seem long for many students around this time — and also for their families. Others find they are digesting grades and comments from the fall semester while preparing for the term to come. I know many professors who are busy trying to make progress on research projects while also getting their courses ready for the start of classes. I’ve taught “Philosophy and the Movies” for many years, but I’m hitting the stacks in Olin Library this week to check out some new scholarship on the films I teach in relation to history, memory and how to make sense of the past.

Of course, lots of Wesleyan folks have been here on campus the whole time. Some are international students who have decided that a journey home is just too far (and expensive), others are seniors working on theses right through the break. There are a significant number of students taking Winter Session classes starting tomorrow in everything from computer science to government, from applied data analysis to classics. Meanwhile, others are deepening their understanding of how to connect college to what comes next at the Gordon Career Center. Athletes have been working (and competing) pretty much straight through the break, and we see them trudging through the snow to practice or to a match.

Snow? Yes there is now plenty on the campus, and the sledders were out on Foss Hill yesterday. Here are some pics.

Who is walking whom?
Who is walking whom?


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Mathilde enjoying winter break
Mathilde (and Kari) enjoying winter break