Thoughts for Mexico and the Caribbean

What a horrific season we have seen, with hurricanes and floods ravaging towns, cities and entire communities…and now this massively destructive earthquake killing and injuring so many in and around Mexico City. Our hearts go out to those afflicted, and we search for ways to support those who succor to the distressed.

As Dean Mike Whaley recently wrote to the student body, “Our goal in Student Affairs is to reach out to students whose family and friends may be impacted by these events (as the class deans have already done with those students who we know are from south Texas, Louisiana, the Caribbean islands, Puerto Rico, Cuba and Florida) and/or who may be studying abroad in these areas. Today we will add those who may be impacted by last night’s earthquake in Mexico to our outreach. …The entire Student Affairs team looks forward to working with our caring student body to find ways that all of us can together help the many communities who will need our support in the coming months.  Meanwhile, our thoughts and prayers are with the many who have lost so much and who are in harm’s way.”

What a horrific season we have seen! And still the season turns. Among those who celebrate Rosh Hashanah this week, there will be prayers for those whose lives have been overturned in recent weeks. As the new year begins, we will turn ourselves toward healing and toward peace.