Time for Summer Sendoffs!

One of the first things Kari and I did after I was appointed Wesleyan’s president in 2007 was to attend a Summer Sendoff. We were living in Berkeley at the time, and the gathering of Wesleyans from around the Bay Area was both welcoming and exciting. We are grateful to the parents and alumni who host these special events at which pre-frosh get to meet others just starting their college careers. This year members of the class of ’22 will also discover the alumni and parent network, a resource that will be part of their lives for decades.

  • Summer Sendoffs are starting this month in New York and will be occurring around the globe.
  • These casual gatherings are the perfect opportunity to welcome our newest students and their families to Wesleyan.
  • All alumni, students and their families, faculty, staff and friends are invited.
  • Specific details and registration can be found here.

If you send in photos, we can add some to this blog post.