Supporting Muslim Friends, Colleagues and Neighbors

Kari and I found ourselves in a London airport en route to France when we heard the news of the horrific attacks on Muslim worshippers in New Zealand. I know that Rabbi David and Dean Mike have already written to our students, but I want to add my expression of outrage and sorrow to their message. This was a brutal hate crime, targeting worshippers at mosques during Friday prayers, and early indications are that the murderer planned his attack in the name of what he called white nationalism. Our revulsion is great, but our resolve to stand against hate and bigotry is even greater.

At Wesleyan, the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life will facilitate a gathering on Monday, March 18 at 4:30pm at the ORSL multi-faith space, 169 High St. second floor.  If you are on campus next week, please come to express and find support.

May those who are grieving find comfort in community, and may they find strength and peace in the face of this tragedy.