White Supremacy, Guns, Murder

How to respond to yet another mass shooting? First, we can express sorrow and convey our sympathies to those immediately affected by the violence. The black Buffalo community that was attacked yesterday is suffering, and it will take a long time to heal. Compassion for their anguish is the least we can offer, and we … Read more

We Don’t Have to Live this Way

The news is gut wrenching. I have been visiting my 94-year-old mother and suddenly we heard the awful bulletin of children being shot. This time Texas. This time also a teacher; this time also a grandmother. Many commentators have underscored that the United States is alone among industrialized countries to prioritize access to guns over … Read more

Gender, Schools, Kidnapping: Fight for the Right to Learn!

As of this afternoon, more than 200 girls are still missing, presumed kidnapped from their school in Nigeria. IT HAS BEEN THREE WEEKS SINCE THEY WERE ABDUCTED. This is what the Washington Post reports: Three weeks have now passed since dozens of heavily armed men descended upon a darkened dormitory where hundreds of Nigerian girls … Read more