Remember Maine, Reject Violence

I am horrified to find that when I search for the word “violence” on this blog, one finds all too many occasions on which I’ve expressed sadness and outrage at the prevalence of mass shootings in this country. Over the last days, we add Lewiston, Maine to this sad, sad, tally. Eighteen dead, and lockdowns … Read more

Sickening Violence

I’m looking with horror, sadness and disgust at the images of Hamas atrocities as the organization has launched  a war that will only cause more horrific trauma to a region already scarred by too much suffering. The kidnapping and slaughter of civilians, and the celebration of vicious murder by armed fighters recalls the worst dimensions … Read more

Hate, Words, Violence

The shooting at Club Q this weekend brings to mind other acts of terror against minority communities in recent years. Although we don’t yet know much about the motive of the gunman, we do know that the nightclub he attacked was a haven for the LBGTQ community in the Colorado Springs area. The sense of … Read more

More Violence, Less Freedom, Deep Sadness

On America’s birthday: A toddler wanders around, lost. Kind strangers come to help. What happened? Aiden’s parents were killed, along with several others, by a sniper in Highland Park. Wandering, lost…. The unspeakable is everywhere around us. We don’t have to live this way. May their memories be a blessing.