Merve Emre on LOLITA!

The distinguished literary critic, Wes professor, and head of the Shapiro Center for Creative Writing and Criticism Merve Emre will be leading a seminar through the New York Review of Books (edited by Wes alum Emily Greenhouse ’08) in April. It doesn’t have to be the cruelest month…or does it?
NYRSeminars: Merve Emre on Lolita

No novel divides readers quite like Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita (1955), a work of fiction that is as beautiful as it is shocking. In this series of four weekly seminars, Merve Emre will guide participants through the story of a brilliant, cruel, and obsessive man’s love for a twelve-year-old girl, touching on debates about freedom and morality, high art and mass culture, Old Europe and young America, and the entwined fates of comedy and romance in the postwar novel. 

Seminars, to be conducted online, will meet weekly. One membership level will be available, giving all participants an opportunity to ask questions during a question and answer portion of each seminar session. A course website will also include discussion boards and other course materials. Live sessions will be recorded and available for up to three months following the initial class. 

The seminar series on Lolita will consist of four weekly sessions beginning Monday, April 1st at 7 p.m. Eastern.