Support Ukraine Against the Brutal Invasion

Yesterday Professors Katja Kolcio and Barry Chernoff hosted a virtual meeting with students in Ukraine. It was very powerful to hear their feelings of shock and dismay in the face of the brutal invasion by the Russian army, and it was inspiring to hear their courage and determination to fight back. During the conversation several participants suggested these action items:

Send emails and thoughts in support of Ukraine to:

CT senator Chris Murphy is on the National Security and Foreign Policy committee and speaking out on this issue.

 Rosa de Lauro, House Appropriations Committee has been an advocate

 Charitable donations can go to:

A US based organization:

List of charities, listed in Fortune:

Here’s a link to reputable charities provided by  Melaniya, from Lviv. It provides a number of options of charities,  ranging from medical support, to military support, to support of children, elderly and those infirm. It is in Ukrainian, but otherwise very user friendly. Prof Kolcio has offered to help with translation.

In my previous blog, I listed the plans for the next conversations scheduled with journalists and civic leaders. Ukrainians are facing a dire emergency with courage and determination. People who care about democracy and peace should stand with them. We must not accept the vicious Russian aggression as a normal part of geopolitics.