Happy Father’s Day from Alma Mater!

Summer time brings different rhythms to campus, and toward the end of June we are busy closing out the books on 2008-2009 while planning for the future makes progress. The north end of campus is quiet, awaiting the CCY students to animate things in July. I’ll soon write more about the busy researchers across Church Street, for whom summer just offers the opportunity for very focused experimental work in the sciences. On the south side of campus, undergraduates, graduate students and faculty are making the most out of time away from courses to pursue their independent research projects.

This Father’s Day will be mostly a relaxing one for me with my family, after a wild 12th birthday celebration for Sophie. My father, Joe Roth, died more than five years ago now, and of course I think of him often. I wonder how surprised he would be to find me in the president’s office at Wesleyan. I recently wrote something about his graduation advice that was broadcast on NPR (sorry for the duplication of website references!): http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=104938799

The writer Thomas Matlack ’86 has been thinking a lot about fathers, sons, and the changing roles for men in our culture. His “good men project” makes for fine Father’s Day reading: http://www.goodmenbook.org/about-the-book.html

We talk always of alma mater, but fathers have something to do with the educational nourishment at Wes, too. To all the Dads (and people who have dads) out there, happy Father’s Day!

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1 thought on “Happy Father’s Day from Alma Mater!”

  1. Good Morning President Roth —
    It was fun to read of your anticipation of the arrival of our wildly talented teenaged artists — this week 21 Residential Advisors are moving in for a full week of RA Orientation , Faculty Orientation is Friday and 168 kids and their families will be here on SUnday, June 28th. They hail from 13 states beyond CT, plus Brazil, France and Taiwan.
    Hope you’ll make it to some of the wonderful arts events we’ve planned with the CFA. See you around campus !

    Nancy Wolfe

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