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I write this post from Los Angeles, where I have been visiting with alumni and other members of the Wesleyan family. When I’m on the road, I often listen online to WESU, our wonderfully creative and original radio station. Not only does WESU bring us international, national and local news from perspectives we otherwise might not hear, they offer genuine community-based radio. I am grateful to station manager Benjamin Michael and the volunteers who keep WESU a vital source for radio that makes a difference in Central Connecticut.


Anna Gevalt ’09 performing at WESU
Anna Gevalt ’09 performing at WESU

Like all community-based radio, WESU depends on our support. Through December 14 the station is holding a pledge drive. To show your support for WESU, donate online at www.WESUFM.org or call 860-685-7700 during the drive and make a pledge. Premiums will be offered for donations of $20 and above. I just called in my pledge. Won’t you please help?

Last night I was asking for help when I met with more than 200 alumni in Los Angeles. I’ve been talking with writers and editors, teachers and musicians, producers, doctors and yoga instructors. It is a difficult time to ask for support. Many of the people I’ve met here are frightened by the financial turmoil and concerned for their livelihood. All agreed that we are in the midst of the most serious financial crisis in generations. Still, the loyal Wesleyan community members with whom I am meeting are eager to hear about what’s happening on campus and willing to lend their financial and moral support. It is especially gratifying to see this expression of generosity during these challenging times.

After a quick stop to meet with our San Diego alumni group, I am heading back to Middletown. It’s always great to be back in California, but I am eager to return to campus for this weekend’s production of The Threepenny Opera and the other end of semester events.

I’ll also be meeting with student, faculty and staff groups to discuss our budget proposals. We still have a couple of months before presenting our next draft budget to the Board in February, and I am eager to hear new ideas on how we can deal with the substantial fiscal challenges ahead of us. The proposals that I shared with the Wesleyan community represent one scenario to deal with these challenges. We will continue to develop these ideas with input and imagination. Input and imagination – just like WESU!

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5 thoughts on “WESU from the West Coast”

  1. Your visit to San Diego was magical. Thanks for articulating the Wesleyan experience with such warmth and humor. The future of this remarkable institution looks bright indeed.

  2. Hello :
    I note that alumni and parents outreach appears to be narrowly focused on the East and West Coasts. I live in Chicago (some people do actually live inbetween the enlightened coasts) and benefit locally from numerous alumni events from Colgate (upstate NY), another top-price college where one of my other sons studies. I have never have the pleasure of being outreached in the region where I reside by Wesleyan. Beyond the regional preferences of the Presidency, can the development office think of a better regional balance of their activities.

  3. Funny you should say that. I was in California after an alumni and parent event in Chicago that was very well attended. Next month I will be visiting with alumni and parents in Florida and Texas. The development and admissions offices are in contact with the Wesleyan community around the world, but please let us know if you would like to help organize more events in your area.

  4. Dear Mr Roth, thank you for your quick response. Pity I could not be outreached in the Second/Windy City when the event took place. I will myself reach out to the alumni/parents/development office to ensure I am on the right notification lists. Happy New Year.

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