Musical Competition — Rock On!

Dean Louise Brown tells me that there will be a great musical competition between classes on February 19. Wesleyan has been known for a long time as the “singing college of New England,” and more recently as the fertile soil for adventuous rock bands to grow in. I’m told the acoustics in the bathrooms at West College are particularly good…

So, submit your musical entry and participate in what should be a great evening. The music will be judged by Rob Rosenthal, Barry Chernoff and Sarah Lazare, and there will be prizes! The promised (threatened) opening act is “Lou and the Blues,” and I may join in to see if my harp lessons have worked….

A more detailed description of all this can be found on the entry form at:

Come make some music. Entries are due on Feb 12, so get busy.

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  1. The winner will be presented with the Pick of Destiny, hand delivered by a reincarnated George Carlin whose time-travel phone-booth will appear out of the dry-ice mist with Wyld Stalyns playing in the background. Or maybe not.

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