Support WESU!

The campus has really emptied out, the snow is falling, professors are grading…. And WESU is having a pledge drive.


Here’s what I received from station manager Ben Michael today:

Last spring, when we decided to pursue a “kinder, gentler” approach to fundraising, despite the inherent risk, it was our most successful pledge drive to date!  Please help WESU stand out as a unique public radio station with an equally unique fundraising model. Unless, of course, you prefer constant interruptions in programming from volunteers trying to convince you the station will die without your support. We prefer to gently remind listeners that we need their support and reach out directly to the listeners, friends, and family we know value the many facets of the service we provide.  2014 Promises to be an amazing year for WESU as we reflect upon 75 years of alternative news, public affairs, and community service. We’ve got a ton of great stuff in the works including special on air programming and live community events as well as virtual and physical exhibits exploring the rich legacy that is WESU. Your donation of any size will go a long way towards sustaining the service we provide and help us prepare for the future.  Donate online HERE.


When I am on the road, I often listen to WESU to catch up on news, hear interesting music, or just feel closer to campus. The student and community DJs make the programming happen year in and year out, but they depend on our donations. The happy tradition of adventurous radio continues at Wesleyan, but it does so because we support it. Please give during this holiday season!