Looking for Liberal Education

Kari and I are taking a couple of days before finals to show Sophie some colleges out in California that still have classes in session. It’s interesting for us to visit other schools and see how they describe their learning goals. Having grown up on the Wesleyan campus, our daughter has some clear ideas about colleges (at least this week). She wants a small liberal arts school, and she wants one where her parents don’t work!

So, we are heading to Claremont to see the great schools there. I started my career at Scripps College and the Graduate University in Claremont in 1983, and I taught there for about 12 years. When I was on the faculty in Claremont my colleagues used to tease that I was constantly talking about Wesleyan. When visiting with Sophie, I’ve been instructed to keep my mouth shut!

Earlier this semester I was at UC Berkeley to participate in a symposium on undergraduate education that was part of the celebrations for the inauguration of Chancellor Nick Dirks (Wesleyan ’72). I hope my comments on liberal learning are as relevant on the East Coast as on the West.



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  1. Avoiding the subject of Wesleyan entirely will be rather difficult, especially if you bump into Hiram Chodosh ’85, president of CMC!

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