Wes Announces All MOOCs All the Time!

No more classes, no more books, no more teachers’….. Wesleyan, which has been a pioneer in offering online classes (our Social Psychology class on Coursera is among the most popular on the internet) has decided to take the next VERY BOLD step!

As of next year all our classes will be offered online! Don’t worry about going to classes, don’t worry about labs…You can do your work at your own pace when you want to do it. If you want to see other people, just go to one of the myriad social events we are planning. These will, of course, have robust educational content, and they will build innovative capacity in our students by going beyond the classroom entirely. And think of it, we’ll be able to bring in the very best bands now that we don’t have to pay for classroom instruction. Spring Fling all year long!!

To find out more about our radical new plan (so Wesleyan!), go to the website.

1 thought on “Wes Announces All MOOCs All the Time!”

  1. Gutsy! A strong and, I suspect, visible way of wearing the clothes of today’s higher educational phenomenon and helping it become a best version of itself. That is more than a little Wesleyan. Any chance we could tap our world-wide student body for an occasional season of left-over athletic eligibility?

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