Year-end Appreciation

I sent this message to the Wesleyan community earlier this week:


Dear friends,

As I reflect on 2015, I find a number of ongoing challenges but also much to be proud of — and be inspired by. I see many in our campus community who proved unafraid to take risks for the sake of positive outcomes, who demanded much of others for the sake of learning, who put themselves out there for the sake of others. At Wesleyan, boldness, rigor and practical idealism can be found in classrooms, in athletics, in protests, in labs, in performances. “We are all educators,” I’ve said to staff on many occasions this year, for they, like our marvelous faculty, create the conditions for this kind of education. And I saw boldness, rigor, and practical idealism at work in our alumni as well: in how they lead their lives, contribute to their communities, support alma mater.

The Wesleyan I’ve seen in 2015 is a place of exuberance and reflection, a place of compassionate solidarity. We had our challenges but accomplished much; for details please see my update on our progress toward the goals set forth in our framework for planning, Wesleyan 2020.

Our THIS IS WHY fundraising campaign continues to surpass expectations and now has just six months to go! My thanks to all who contributed to Wesleyan this year — through your hard work and through your support. Go Wes!


Michael S. Roth