Walking the Campus, Thinking of the Coming Semester

We are preparing to welcome students back to Wesleyan in the coming weeks, and I walked around the campus yesterday feeling nostalgic about the past and nervous about the future. We have a strong plan, informed by the work of experts, but we know plans are only as good as the people who put them into practice. Our team has been preparing for months, and we are counting on the cooperation of students, faculty and staff as we try to keep everyone as safe as possible. Sure, when we read about the outbreaks at Chapel Hill and other college towns, we are deeply concerned. Our plans are different, as is our scale. But we still need people to observe some basic public health guidelines. We can do it!

I went to the large testing test yesterday and had my quick and easy nasal swab test. Results by tomorrow!

I strolled around campus (here is a map of walking routes on campus, if you’d like to do the same) and started to imagine it full with our wonderful (masked) community! If you are coming back to Middletown, remember to practice social distancing, wear that mask, and stay healthy before you travel.  Stay safe, be well!!



2 thoughts on “Walking the Campus, Thinking of the Coming Semester”

  1. I am so very grateful to you and to everyone on the Wesleyan administration and faculty for your courage and diligence in coming up with a plan to allow students back on campus for this academic year. Thank you. We will be rooting for you next week and into September!

  2. I understand why you are doing. My 20 year old returned to her small liberal arts school last weekend. We expect that she be home in two weeks. But we believe two weeks with friends will be worth it for her. I suspect that is what you believe as well. And that’s fine. Also, Connecticut is in pretty good shape right now. But with students returning from across the country, Middletown is likely to become a hotzone in weeks unless Wesleyan is testing every two days. Which I do not believe is the case.

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