Announcing New Presidential Compound at Wesleyan

You’ve probably been wondering what the construction work on the field near the CFA (formerly Jackson Field) is all about.

I’m delighted to announce today that crews are preparing the new WESLEYAN PRESIDENTIAL COMPOUND. This will be a state of the art housing and office complex that will showcase the power of the central administration at the university. Full design plans are forthcoming, but here is the inspiration:


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17 thoughts on “Announcing New Presidential Compound at Wesleyan”

  1. Félicitations ! You got me and for a couple of seconds I was outraged. Excellent Poisson d’Avril.
    Catherine Poisson

  2. This is a dream come true for me and I am sure for all who’ve thought the University needed more of an imperial feel. I can’t wait to visit ! It will give me such pleasure to have an excuse to go out to buy Armani and more… Thanks, Michael!

  3. How about redesigning the whole CFA complex, so it’s more artistic? Could include proposed presidential palace…

  4. You’ve got to be kidding!
    “the power of the central administration at the university”
    So far over the top as to be ridiculous.

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