Senior Performances and Exhibitions!

Spring is here, and one of the sure signs is that it’s the beginning of the senior exhibition/performance season. Students, guided by creative faculty and supported by the inventive staff, have been working all year to bring their work to audiences on campus. This week and for the next month, the Ezra and Cecile Zilkha Gallery will host visual artists displaying their work in a variety of media. We start Wednesday, March 23 at 4 pm with Daniela Sweet-Coll, Jiayao Zhu, Karen Xu, Jared Christopher, Romina Beltrán Lazo, and Nina Creswell. A schedule for the rest of the exhibitions can be found here.

Seniors in dance will be performing this weekend. Beginning Friday, March 25 at 7 pm, Gabrielle Baba-Conn, Christian Denny, Annie Kidwell, Natasha Marder, Zoe McCracken, Spenser Stroud, and Maren Westgard will present the result of their choreographic practice. You can reserve seats here.

It’s always fascinating to see what Wesleyan artists are making. Check it out and congratulate these fabulous students!