4 thoughts on “Elections in a Month – What’s On the Ballot? Democracy”

  1. More impactful would be to have students on campus manning a station where students can check their registration status, request vote by mail, and get asssistancr in retuning the vote by mail. And do this now. I can’t tell you the number of college student disenfranchised in 2020 because they didn’t know what to do and had no help. While not the school’s responsibility, it seems appropriate service offering every 2 years. You have 1st time voters in residence.

  2. I think that’s it important that your college gets students involved in the voting process but find it disgusting that you are promoting the governments liberal agenda. Both sides should be discussed and then let the students make up their own mind. Isn’t that what college is about ????

  3. Couldn’t agree more Greg, we need to be bringing the sides together rather then pitting them against each other.

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