Congrats to Wes Women Ultimate Frisbee Stars!

Ultimate Frisbee Joy
Ultimate Frisbee Joy

Yesterday Wesleyan’s Women’s Ultimate Frisbee team — Vicious Circles —  finished second IN THE WHOLE COUNTRY in the Division III national championships. This club team traveled to Kentucky to compete in the tournament with a combination of cooperation and exuberance. Mutually supportive teamwork helped this squad upset higher ranked clubs and the Wesleyans gave the defending champs a run for their money.

Here’s part of the report from UltiWorld:

[Captain] Luci Salwen’s [’17] persistent flick hucks kept Wesleyan in the game. Salwen was able to find cutters in traffic on the endzone line and also send them deep the next point. Cutters Claire LeGardeur [’17] and Lily Gould [’19], in particular, scored several points off of Salwen’s assists. [Grad student] Tessa Hill was found all over on Wesleyan’s offense, handling against the zone and then coming down with some huge endzone skies.

The article goes on:

“We’re so happy to be here,” said senior captain Oona Wallace ’17. “Our goal all tournament has been to work hard and play our best.” Instead of committing themselves to an end goal, Wesleyan focused on playing every point as a point they could be proud of.

In addition, the Wesleyan captains maintained that “the team plays for each other” and that “before ultimate, we created an encouraging, positive environment that provided a supportive network for women.” They made it a priority to “make sure people absolutely feel they deserve to be on the field when they’re playing.” Each player on Wesleyan played her heart out because she knew giving her best to her pumped up teammates was exactly what the team needed, and was simply enough.

So proud of these Wesleyan athletes who played their hearts out at the highest level. Congratulations, Vicious Circles!! Go Wes!