Making Up Your Major

One of the programs at Wesleyan that I’m most fond of is the University Major. This allows students who are pursuing an independent course of study not represented in any one department or program on campus to develop their own field of concentration. When I was a student, I had trouble deciding among philosophy, history and psychology, and a kind dean suggested that I develop a University Major that wove the three together. My Wesleyan major was the “History of Psychological Theory,” and I’ve been working at the intersections of philosophy, psychology and history ever since.

Today the University Major process runs through Dean Marina Melendez, who works with a committee of faculty to approve new proposals. In recent years students have pursued disability studies, translational molecular biology, and urban studies. Each University Major receives guidance from a committee of faculty from a variety of departments.

From certificates to minors and extending to a multitude of majors, Wes offers lots of ways to pursue focused studies. For some, a University Major will be the best vehicle for creating “customized coherence” within our open curriculum. For more information, contact Dean Melendez.