From Wesleyan to Broadway

Lin-Manuel MirandaWhat a great event! Wesleyan alum Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical, In the Heights, is a triumph on Broadway!! This is a play that started out at Wesleyan and has now worked its way to rave reviews at the Richard Rodgers Theater. I can hardly wait to see what the critics are crowing about. Maybe before the end of spring breakā€¦ For now, congratulations to Lin-Manuel, director Thomas Kail ’99, and the whole crew.

Check out some of the reviews:

New York Times
Los Angeles Times

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2 thoughts on “From Wesleyan to Broadway”

  1. We saw the play this past weekend. WOW! What a memorable and inspirational show. The packed audience was transfixed. This performance is a must-see. It is thrilling that it was conceived while Lin-Manuel and Thomas were students at Wesleyan.

    Valerie Deutsch
    p’09 (california)

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