Snowy Campus for the Holidays

Most of the students have left campus, which in the last days has been beautifully blanketed in snow. Foss Hill has become the center of sledding in Middletown, though Sophie and her friend Claire tell me that you get more “air time” on the terraced steps behind Olin.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and a great 2009!!

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1 thought on “Snowy Campus for the Holidays”

  1. Thanks for sharing these photos. Brings back warm memories of “traying” down Foss Hill — i.e., using meal trays (liberated from McConaughy dining hall) as sleds. One regular participant when I was a student (class of ’74) was a black lab named Kazok, who loved to jump on a tray all by himself. Kazok barked with joy as he went sliding wildly down the hill, and when he got to the bottom he would pick the tray up in his teeth and run back up the hill to go down again, and again and again. Even the dogs at Wesleyan are always super smart and adventurous.

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