4 thoughts on “Foss Hill to be Flattened”

  1. I’d just like to say that we on the Board of Trustees are quite pleased that President Roth has decided to move forward on the flattening of Foss Hill for the dual purpose of aesthetic improvement and coal extraction. We estimate that this “hilltop removal” will expose over 1,200 metric tonnes of coal, allowing Wesleyan to capitalize on this abundant natural fuel source as part of it’s commitment to the Academic Energy Security plan. At the same time, the leveling of Foss Hill will signal the start of a bold new aesthetic vision for Wesleyan, “The Energy-Independent Ivy”, including ridding the university of its image as a haven for godless, dope-smoking, sunbathing hippies.

  2. THIS IS SUCH BULLSHIT. we need foss hill to enjoy our sunny afternoons. First Mo Con, now this?! The administration at this school is completely out of control. All of their decisions are based on petty financial matters. Foss Hill is the epicenter of the student body here at Wesleyan. Who is with me?

  3. I was caught for a second there too. I was indignant prior to thinking, “Oh, today is April Fool’s Day.”

    Excited to finally meet President Roth at WesFest in two weeks.

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