Teaching, Research and a Busy Weekend

Yesterday felt like the first warm spring day since students returned from Spring Break, and it was great to see Andrus Field and Foss Hill fill up in the late afternoon. I’d begun the day with a visit to our pilot program at the Cheshire State Correctional Institution. VP Sonia Manjon and I visited Melanye Price’s class in political science, and I was struck by the seriousness with which the men were approaching complex issues in American political culture.¬† Russell Perkins ’09, who helped get this program underway and continues to coordinate it, met us at the prison. It was important to see first-hand some of the issues that arise in a program that teaches liberal arts classes in correctional institutions.

For the last year or so Provost Joe Bruno and I have sponsored talks by faculty for their colleagues across the campus. The faculty lunch lecture yesterday was delivered with panache by Stewart Novick, one of our star professors of chemistry. Stew’s subject was astrochemistry, and he did a masterful job of explaining the “rich chemistry” of dense interspatial dust clouds — even to someone as chemistry-challenged as I! I was especially impressed by the interdisciplinary importance of the work for astronomy, physics and cosmology. The collaboration on this sophisticated research by undergraduate and graduate students was yet another sign of how our science programs are dedicated to the scholar-teacher model at the highest level.

Busy weekend on the horizon at Wesleyan. The senior theses art exhibitions at Zilkha gallery are always worth checking out. This week Sarah Abbott, Julian Wellisz, Rachel Schwerin, Megumu Tagami and Yang Li have their recent work on display.

Baseball hosts Middlebury today and Saturday afternoon, and the softball team is at home against Hamilton. Men’s lacrosse is at home against the always strong Tufts team. Come out and support the Cardinals!

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2 thoughts on “Teaching, Research and a Busy Weekend”

  1. The faculty lunch lectures are a wonderful addition to Wesleyan. There is so little opportunity to understand a colleagues’ work and the lunches at least provide a basis for further conversation. Plus it is fascinating to learn about the many types of research that are being done on campus.
    Thanks, Suzanne

  2. The men and womens crew teams of Wesleyan are working extremely hard and diligently, practicing at 5 30 am for two weeks 20 minutes away when the Connecticut River was too high from the rain. They have row their hearts out in Worcester for the past two weeks and at Tufts this weekend. Their times and finishes have been excellent. They would love a presidential shout out and to feel the love the field/helmet sports receive in your blog.

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