Lily Myers (Wes ’15) Shreds National Poetry Slam

This week I received the following message from Evan Okun ’13.

During the semi-finals of the Collegiate National poetry slam (in NYC) last spring, Lily Myers (Wes ’15) performed a poem about her family.  It was video taped, uploaded to youtube, and currently has almost 150,000 VIEWS!!!!!!! Her piece exemplifies Wesleyan’s progressive thinking, innovative writing, and emotional honesty when it comes to Slam Poetry.

Now since Evan was such an exemplar of passionate, practical idealism, I couldn’t wait to hear Lily’s poem. I think he’s absolutely right. No?




1 thought on “Lily Myers (Wes ’15) Shreds National Poetry Slam”

  1. class of 84′ psychoanalyst in New York City………..that was an amazing piece of writing and covered so much implicit communication between generations….You were able to communicate textbooks in your wonderful concise writing.

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