Cardinals (and other Birds)

As students were packing up their rooms, distributing good-bye hugs and posting final papers to Moodle, I had the great pleasure of meeting Oliver James ’14. Professor Barry Chernoff, the founding director of the College of the Environment, brought him by to show me the wonderful work Oliver did on his senior thesis.

Oliver James '14, Prez, Barry Chernoff

Oliver has many interests, and as a senior he wanted to combine his study of the environment with his interest in birds. How to represent the many birds he sees on campus? Oliver learned the great art of watercolor and used his observational skills to produce A Field Guide to Birds of Wesleyan. Artist, scientist, environmentalist? Why choose? THIS IS WHY.

birds of wesleyan cover

3 thoughts on “Cardinals (and other Birds)”

  1. I am writing to share how your work has inspired both myself and my students….
    I have been a Progressive Educator in the Midwest (Chicago area) for forty-three years. It has been my pleasure to work in both private and public settings. Currently, I am teaching First Grade in an independent school. My children and I have been exploring indigenous birds in our area…we have painted, made sculpture, lived in nests, created books etc etc. Stories of birds in our yards come in daily. Today, when I received this blog I shared this with my children. The richness of a liberal education can begin very young. Dr. Roth, Dr. Chernoff and Mr. James you have shown my children the richness of possibility and the value of integrating our learning. Thank you!
    Dr. Roth, I am currently reading your book, Beyond the University. It is validation, exposure, and springboard for my thinking as I participate in the strategic planning process for our little schoolhouse. My niece Remy Johnson is currently a Sophomore at Wesleyan. Watching her blossom and grow within this rich culture is a pleasure for this educator. Thank you!

  2. It’s in a very limited edition, but I understand the author is investigating wider distribution.

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