Great Wes Day at the Game

It was a wonderful day for football at Corwin Stadium, for our last game of the season. By tradition, we play Trinity College to end the season, and for many years they have made us end on a somber note. Not today! In another exciting game, the Cardinals were victorious, besting their opponents by a point. I took photos with the intrepid cheer leaders, the volleyball team, and began dreaming of spring as the softball team sold raffles. But the fall season ended pretty well today. Here are a few pics (feel free to send me more!):

Wes seniors and families
Wes seniors before the game
After the game
Seniors and Final Score
Coach Mike Whalen
Team Sings Fight Song

Bruce Corwin, Wesleyan’s biggest fan, is in Los Angeles recovering from a transplant…. but glued to the game on his computer. His son tells me he took this photo just as Justin Sanchez saved the victory with a great tackle with time running down.






5 thoughts on “Great Wes Day at the Game”

  1. Great to see you, Bruce. Even with that gown you’re the best- dressed guy in our class.
    I assume it was a little tighter-fitting before the 4th quarter. As for the game, “Never in doubt!”

    Yeah, right! Get strong. We love you, my friend. Driscoll

    PS May the ghost of Roger Leclerc rest in peace.

  2. Hey Bruce, now that’s what I call being a FAN! The photo and copy was the first I heard of your transplant. I must say you look petty good for having had any kind of transplant…keep healing.
    With your permission I would be pleased to send shamanic healing energy your way.
    Best wishes,

  3. Glad to be able to follow Wes football online. Wish sportscasters referred to the college as WeSleyan rather than WeZleyan.

  4. Anyone who is lucky enough to have Bruce Corwin touch their life, and that is a lot of people, is a winner. Congratulations Weslyan and Congratulations Bruce on a a winning touchdown and victory!

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