Defending Against Terror and Hate

How awful it is to write messages that begin with “my heart goes out to…” This morning’s attack at a gay nightclub in Orlando is a repulsive act of hatred and terror, already embraced by ISIS. I learned of this atrocity when my plane landed in New York a short time ago. At moments like these we are reminded of our vulnerability, of the awful frequency of mass shootings. We should also be mindful of the crucial work of the struggle against terrorism and the protection of freedom.

As I make my way back to Middletown, I am also reminded of our solidarity, and of our shared commitment to creating a campus culture free of violence and hate. May we redouble our efforts to stand against enmity and cultivate a climate of equity and inclusion.

And may the memory of those massacred this morning in Orlando be a blessing to their friends, family, and all of us who struggle against hatred and violence.

1 thought on “Defending Against Terror and Hate”

  1. There is no confirmed link between the Orlando attack and ISIS. If we truly are against hate, let’s stop supporting the killing of innocent people in the name of ISIS because all life matter.

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